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Plexiglass Sheets

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Acrylic Sheets
Product details ( ₹ 1199/Sheet Onwards)
Minimum Order Quantity
20 Sheet
Transparent, White, Black, Green & More
Size (feetXfeet)
6X4 ft, 8X4 ft
Imported & More
acrylic sheet

Acrylic Sheets

Price 1199/sheet onwards
Acrylic is an incredibly useful plastic for applications requiring transparency where high impact resistance is not an issue...

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Acrylic Mirror

Price 300/sheet onwards
Acrylic Mirror is a lightweight, reflective thermoplastic sheet material used to enhance the look and safety of displays, POP...

Acrylic Rainbow Sheets

Price 3000/sheet onwards
Acrylic Iridescent/Radiant Sheets is the ideal material for planning eye-getting things, eye catching presentations, powerful..

basketball backboard

Basketball Backboard (Acrylic)

Price 9000/piece onwards

For the benefit of our customers we are providing a qualitative assortment of Basketball Board (Acrylic)...

Extruded Acrylic Sheets (PMMA)

Extruded Acrylic Sheets (PMMA)

Price 850/sheet onwards
MG Acryl Acrylic sheet is a tough, highly transparent material with excellent resistance to ultraviolet...

Types Of Acrylic Sheets

acrylic sheet

Acrylic Sheets

₹1199 Onwards →

Acrylic Mirror

₹300 Onwards →

Rainbow Sheet

₹3000 Onwards →


₹9000 Onwards →

Extruded Acrylic Sheets (PMMA)

Extruded Acrylic

₹850 Onwards →

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Advantages of Plexiglass Sheets

Plexiglass sheets offer a blend of durability, transparency, and lightweight features. Their impact resistance makes them a safer alternative to traditional glass, while their crystal-clear transparency allows for optimal light transmission. Despite their robustness, plexiglass sheets are surprisingly lightweight, expanding their range of applications. Moreover, their resistance to UV radiation ensures long-lasting clarity and color, making them a versatile choice.

Applications of Plexiglass Sheets

These sheets find applications in architecture, automotive, display, and DIY projects. Architects and designers appreciate their versatility in creating visually stunning structures. In the automotive industry, plexiglass sheets are used in windows, headlights, and interior components. Display cases and signage benefit from their clarity, durability, and customization options. DIY enthusiasts have embraced plexiglass for various projects, thanks to its adaptability and ease of use.

Selecting the appropriate thickness, considering color options, and understanding impact resistance are crucial when choosing plexiglass sheets. Thickness depends on structural requirements, and the wide range of colors and finishes allows for customization based on aesthetic preferences. Knowing the impact resistance is vital for applications where durability is paramount.

Maintenance Tips for Plexiglass Sheets

Proper cleaning techniques, preventive measures to avoid scratches, and a focus on longevity and sustainability contribute to maintaining plexiglass sheets. Cleaning with suitable agents using non-abrasive materials, preventing scratches through careful handling, and understanding their recyclability all play a role in extending the life of plexiglass sheets.

Large Plexiglass Sheets for Special Projects

Large plexiglass sheets offer unique possibilities for grand projects, providing seamless surfaces without the limitations of traditional glass. Customization options for large sheets cater to the specific requirements of unique projects, making them ideal for specialized applications.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Comparing plexiglass with traditional glass reveals its lower environmental impact. The recyclability of plexiglass contributes to environmental conservation, offering a sustainable alternative to disposable materials. Advancements in manufacturing techniques align plexiglass production with eco-friendly practices, reducing its overall environmental footprint.

Cost Considerations

While the initial cost of plexiglass may vary, considering its durability, customization, and energy-saving benefits often results in long-term savings. The longevity and low maintenance requirements of plexiglass contribute to significant returns on investment for businesses and individuals alike.

Addressing Common Misconceptions

Contrary to common misconceptions, plexiglass is not fragile. Proper maintenance and advancements in manufacturing have addressed concerns related to yellowing, ensuring lasting clarity. While lightweight, plexiglass is not synonymous with fragility, thanks to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

Exploring Innovations in Plexiglass Technology

Innovations in smart plexiglass technology, anti-reflective coatings, and new manufacturing techniques continuously enhance the properties of plexiglass, expanding its range of applications.

Clear acrylic sheets, often referred to as plexiglass, have emerged as a versatile and popular material in various applications. Known for their transparency, durability, and lightweight nature, clear acrylic sheets have become a clear choice for a wide range of uses.

Transparency and Clarity

The defining feature of clear acrylic sheets is their exceptional transparency and clarity. These sheets offer optical clarity comparable to traditional glass but without the weight and fragility. The crystal-clear nature of clear acrylic sheets allows for optimal light transmission, making them an ideal choice for applications where visibility is key.

Durability and Lightweight Design

Clear acrylic sheets are lauded for their durability, standing strong against impact and weather elements. Unlike traditional glass, acrylic is less prone to shattering, making it a safer option in various settings. Despite their robustness, clear acrylic sheets are surprisingly lightweight, providing a practical alternative for applications where weight is a consideration.

Versatile Applications

The versatility of clear acrylic sheets is evident in their widespread applications. They are commonly used in architecture for windows, skylights, and facades, providing an unobstructed view with enhanced safety. In the automotive industry, clear acrylic sheets find use in windows and exterior components, combining aesthetics with functionality. Their popularity extends to signage, display cases, and DIY projects due to easy customization options.

DIY and Design Freedom

Clear acrylic sheets empower DIY enthusiasts and designers alike with the freedom to create. Their easy workability allows for cutting, shaping, and molding, making them suitable for a myriad of artistic and functional projects. From artistic installations to modern furniture design, clear acrylic sheets offer endless possibilities.

In conclusion, clear acrylic sheets have rightfully earned their place as a go-to material in various industries. Their transparency, durability, and versatility make them a clear choice for applications ranging from architectural designs to DIY projects, providing a blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality.


The Variety of PC Lite Polycarbonate Sheets for Diverse Needs

Acrylic is an incredibly useful plastic for applications that require transparency where high impact resistance is not a problem. It can be cut into extremely thin shapes using laser cutting technology because the material is vaporized to the impact with concentrated laser energy. Acrylic thermoplastics are known for their excellent capacity of time. They are also characterized by good impact resistance, formability and excellent resistance to sunlight, climate and most chemical products. Standard ratings are rated as slow burns, but a special grade of self-extincting of the sheet is available. Although acrylic plastic weighs less than half as glass, it often has the highest impact resistance. As the thermal insulation, it is approximately 20% better than the glass. It is tasteless and toilet.
Very sought after in the pop view manufacture, several retail applications and signaling, order black molten acrylic sheets on full sheets or cut-off. It is regularly used in visual media, retailers, furniture and design, lighting, architecture and construction and creative applications.

⦿ Sustainable products ensuring health and safety

⦿ Anti-bacterial

⦿ Anti-scratch

⦿ Anti-fog

⦿ Unbreakable Polycarbonate

We offer a wide selection of adjustments and educational polishing methods for our acrylic sheets. For the edge of the gloss, select the option with the polished edge. Soft the edge of your acrylic sheet with an inclined or round edge or a round corner. Do you have additional questions about one of these options? Contact our team in ACME PLASTICS for more information about the polishing and finishing options of our acrylic edge.

You can choose to add a hole to your acrylic sheet. After entering the number of holes you want, select the available hole size using the upper drop-down menu.

Types of Acrylic Sheets

  • A Grade Cast Acrylic
  • Acrylic Offcut
  • Acrylic Mirror
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Physics Properties

Property Value
Technical Name
Acrylic (PMMA)
Chemical Formula
Melt Temperature
130°C (266°F)
Typical Injection Mold Temperature
79-107°C (175-225°F)
Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT)
95°C (203°F) at 0.46 MPa (66 PSI)
Tensile Strength
65 MPa (9400 PSI)
Flexural Strength
90 MPa (13000 PSI)
Specific Gravity
Shrink Rate
0.2 - 1% (.002 - .01 in/in)
Light Transmission
> 92%
Refractive Index
Relative Density
1.19 g/cm3
Rockwell Hardness
M 102
Water Absorption
Flammability Class
3, (BS 476 pt 7) UL94 HB

For Quality Acrylic Sheet Supply, Choose Anand Plastics

Incorporated in the year 1990Anand Plastics entered the business world with the dream to grab a position as one of the excellent exporter, supplier, trader and importer of excellent quality construction sector related exterior and interior materials as well as moments and trophies. Our superior grade array of immaculate product line comprises of Acrylic Mirror, Polycarbonate Sheets, Acrylic Sheet, PVC Sheet, LED Diffuser Sheet, Sunboard Sheets, Polystyrene Sheets and Acrylic Basketball Board.
More than 5000 satisfied companies’ across India certifies our excellence in supplying the quality polycarbonate sheets. Our 2000 reliable traders in satellite market ensure on the time supply. We have own warehouse of 70000 sqft. area to maintain consistency in supply. Whatsoever particular type of Polycarbonate sheet you need like solid/compact sheets, embossed/textured sheets, multiwall sheets, mar/scratch resistant sheets, we have the best to offer.

Acrylic Sheet

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